, Maeder Nina

Weekend Trip OANA Surf, 21st/(22nd) of October 23

CALLING ALL DIPPERS, RIPPERS AND ROOKIES! Join us for a weekend of surfing, chilling and rubbish chats. We are beyond excited to escape the uni life for a couple hours and get to try the indoor surf wave OANA.

What to expect:
  • Journey to Ebikon (Lucerne): takes about 2.5h from St. Gallen. We will organise the travels once we know who is joining. Aiming for arrival at 12am
  • Surfing in the early afternoon 
  • Chilled after-surf meal in Lucerne and potentially a night out
  • Whether you spend the night in Lucerne or not is optional. We would have the possbility to stay in a Scout House a bit outside of the town.
  • Journey back to St. Gallen in the evening/early morning/or on Sunday
Rough calculation of costs:
  • Train journey (return) from St. Gallen: Will be organised once we know who is keen to join in (Saver Day Pass, Friends Day Pass, Tandem Day Pass): 0-50.- CHF
  • Surf: ca. 50-70.- CHF (exact costs can be termined once we have the number of participants)
  • additional costs: food, drinks
Oana Surf
There is no experience in surfing needed. You will be given the equipment, instructions and assistance whilst surfing.
You have time to sign up until the  15th of October 2023, 4pm or until all the spaces are booked out... (members only!)
Of course you are more than welcome to only join for some good company as well.
Looking forward to a trip full of laughter, waves and good times.
Yours sincerely,
surf xo