Bungeesurf Courses in Bern

This year we are launching our successful course series for the fifth time! This is a collaboration between the bungee cord manufacturer Bungee Monkey and the Academic Surfclub. In our beginner courses, our pros will teach you in four hours how to glide over the river! Our courses have an extremely high safety standard. The concepts were developed by trained SLRG lifeguards and pro surfers. The courses are conducted in German. Our instructors also speak English, French, and if you're lucky, Spanish ;)

Course times: 08:30 - 12:30




We meet in front of the Kraftwerk Felsenau. We recommend arriving by public transport.

Public transport directions: Bus line 21 from Bern main station, 15 min + 5 min walk

Car directions: There are no parking spaces in front of the power plant. Nearest parking lot: Spital Tiefenau + 20 min walk

To go directly to Google Maps, you can click here.

The course lasts 4 hours and is logically structured.

We have a theory part followed by dry exercises and then the practical part, which makes up 2/3 of the course. Usually, you run out of energy before the time is up ;) So, you'll have plenty of time to surf and between your attempts, you'll have time to rest and analyze your runs with photos.

Safety is our top priority.

All our instructors are trained internally every year and can answer any questions you may have. During the course itself, we address the dangers and the correct behavior for bungee surfing.

The course in 10 images

In our courses, all participants receive their personal life jackets. We also ensure that there are enough surfboards available. If you want to bring your own surfboard, you are welcome to do so. We recommend participants wear a wetsuit (even in summer). You can organize this yourself or rent one from the Academic Surf Club. You should also bring a small snack. Like any water sports activity, bungee surfing carries risks. Despite high safety standards, we require good swimming ability and physical condition. Participation in the course is from 18 years of age. Photos are taken during the course. These will be made available to participants afterward free of charge.

What's Bungeesurfing?

Bungee surfing is surfing in flowing waters with the help of a bungee cord. The current of the river is used to tension the bungee cord. The bungee cord is attached to trees and bridges. A static rope and a handle are attached to the bungee cord, which is held in the hands of the surfer. Once the tension is sufficient, the bungee surfer can stand up and surf against the river current. Don't worry, we won't test you on that 😉

We're family now

As a participant in our course, you are now a member of our surf family, and we believe that a surf T-shirt or hoodie is simply part of the experience. ;) In our merch store, you will find a carefully selected variety of products that will ensure your experiences are remembered for a long time. All our products are made from organically grown cotton, because they should not only look cool but also be sustainable.

Your instructors


Robin studies at the PH Bern and is the current president of the Academic Surfclub Bern. He has been leading the surf courses in Bern for 3 years and is an enthusiastic bungee and kite surfer. As a former lifeguard, he imparts his passion for surfing to all participants in the courses and provides them with everything they need to surf safely on the Aare.


Adrian studiert Jura, ist Gründer des Academic Surfclub und leitet die Camp Projekte. Er ist langjähriger Surfer und seit geraumer Zeit auch im Fluss unterwegs. Auch ist er ausgebildeter Rettungsschwimmer (SLRG) und ebenfalls massgeblich an der Entwicklung von internen Konzepten beteiligt. 


Luca has been surfing on the Aare for many years and is the sports director of the Academic Surfclub Bern. He is our trick master and current record holder with 4 full spins in one run. In our courses, he is particularly noticeable for his direct and helpful manner, which he owes to his many years of involvement in the Scout movement.


Basile can be found on the Aare all year round, even during low tide in winter. He particularly enjoys cruising on the Aare with big turns, is a trained river lifeguard (SLRG), and is always happy to provide tips and tricks. He is currently studying Geography and Biology.


Dominik has been surfing on the Aare for about 10 years and is a co-founder of Royal Ropes GmbH. Since a trip to Brazil, he has become an avid kite surfer, practicing regularly both in Switzerland and abroad. Currently, he is studying Civil Engineering in his final master's semester at ETH Zurich.


Luc is a co-founder of Royal Ropes GmbH and a longtime surfer. He is noticeable for his wide smile, regardless of the time of day and water temperature.


Anja was bitten by the surfing bug on her world tour and has been surfing on the Aare for 3 years. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm, she passes on her tips to you so that you too can stand on the board soon.


Skander wurde vor Jahren auf der Weltreise in Costa Rica in Samar vom Surffieber angesteckt und es hat ihn seither nicht mehr losgelassen! Leider konnte er mit all seinem Charme und seiner Kraft das Meer nicht in die Schweiz locken. Doch er fand eine Lösung: Er entdeckte für sich das Bungeesurfing und das Gleiche ist ihm wieder passiert! Das Bungeesurf-Fieber hat ihn infiziert! Seitdem leidet er an den gleichen hochansteckenden Symptomen wie großer Freude, Spaß und Mut. Außerdem hat er heute viele neue Freunde kennengelernt...😉


What happens if I can't attend my course?

If you are unable to attend your course, you are allowed to send a substitute in your place. Please contact us via WhatsApp or email: courses@academicsurfclub.ch with the name and clothing size of the person replacing you. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your course fees or reschedule your date.

Do I need to know how to surf to participate in the course?

No. Our beginner courses are aimed at all interested individuals, even without experience in surfing. Is it an advantage if you have already surfed in the sea, in the river, or behind a boat? -> Yes ;) But even without experience, we will teach you everything useful and meet you at your current skill level.

I attended the course and I am hooked!!! What now?

Hell yeah! If you are still studying or have studied before (UNI, ETH, PH, HF, FH), we recommend becoming a member of our Academic Surfclub. As a member, you will have free access to our weekly bungee surfing sessions in Bern and throughout Switzerland. The membership fee is 29 CHF per year!
This is what we like to call a "no brainer". 

Is Bungeesurfing dangerous?

Bungee surfing is a flowing water sport and, like all other sports in this category, it is not without its dangers. However, unlike skiing or surfing in the sea, you have 100% control over your safety. In our courses, you will be constantly monitored by 2 trained instructors who can intervene in case of an emergency. To ensure safety even outside of our courses, we recommend following the safety checklist from Bungeemonkey.

We were on TV, cool right?


We were visited by the SRF / RTR for a special in Romansh, the leas common of the 4 national languages. Click on the button below to watch it. 

Tele Bärn 2023

Once again the local tv station Tele Bärn payed us a visit and made a short documentary about our courses. Click on the button below to watch it. 

Tele Bärn 2022

The local TV station Tele Bärn picked up our surf courses and included it into their special summer series. Click on the button below to watch it.