Academic Surfcamp

The Academic Surf Camp is a joint project of all ASCs together since the end of 2022 and is structured as an association in the sense of the Swiss Civil Code. The association operates on a non-profit basis. Members are all Academic Surfclubs while the board is arranged by members of different Academic Surfclubs.


Why is the Academic Surfcamp an independent association?
So that the organizers can concentrate completely and independently on the implementation of this unique project, it makes no sense for the camp to be supported by only one association. Accordingly, we have decided at the end of 2022 to form the ASCA as an association.


Member List:

  • Academic Surfclub Switzerland
  • Academic Surfclub Basel
  • Academic Surfclub Bern
  • Academic Surfclub Zurich
  • Academic Surfclub Luzern
  • Academic Surfclub St. Gallen

Board 2024

President - Samuel Liechti
Finance - Simon Lieffering

Samuel Liechti
Simon Lieffering