Trips & Camps

Get on Board! With Students from all over Switzerland. 

The bigger the club gets, the more we expand our offer for trips abroad! Our mission is to offer students all year round the possibility to come with high quality cheaper on the board or to offer a massively better price-performance ratio! As a club we can afford not to look at the profit. Accordingly, you always get away better with us than with commercial providers.

Our highlight, the Academic Surfcamp is organized by the same named association Academic Surfcamp. All other camps are organized by Lapoint.


Academic Surfcamp (ASCA)


In the Academic Surfcamp we bring together the ETH mechanical engineer, the medical student of the UZH, the economics student of the HSG, the art student of the University of Bern and the astrophysics student of the University of Basel. We break down bubbles, allow you to network, which is unfortunately not possible at most universities, and bring everyone to a common denominator: surfing. 

Location: Galicia, Spain
Prerequisite level: All Levels
Other requirement: None
: 66 Persons
Organiser: Academic Surfcamp


Study & Surf, Portugal

Studying and surfing? We sweeten your winter learning phase. In the coworking space you can dedicate yourself to your studies, while you jump into the water with your board from time to time to air your head. 

Period: 31.03.2024-07.04.2024
Location: Ericeira, Portugal
Prerequisite level: All Levels
Other requirement: ASC Membership
: 15 Persons
Organiser: Academic Surfclub Switzerland X Lapoint