Become active

Possibilities that the ASC offers you

Our association network thrives on volunteer work. In our free time, we make sure that students get to know like-minded people and that events and projects are organized. We also do a lot of work that is not visible at first glance. Since we are growing fast, we are constantly in need of new members for our board and our projects.
The ASC offers you first opportunities to develop or improve your management skills in various areas.

For all positions In the ASC, you can be issued an activity certificate to prove your volunteer work and what exactly you have done.

Executive Surfboard 

Enclosed you will find the list of the different boards we have. The ASC is divided into an umbrella organization (National Board) and different communitys (community Boards). 

Task Force: Surfcamps

The camps are managed and organized by a task force. For different training camps, trips etc. we are looking for reinforcement. Please contact us.

Task Force: Swiss University Surfing Championships

The Swiss Surfing Championships are held every year in autumn in Alaia Bay.

Found an ASC

There is no ASC at your university yet? You think that's a pity and that's why you want to found one?

No problem. We can provide you with professional help. We support ASC foundations from day 1 and can also equip the new section directly with material.

ASC sections that still need to be founded:
- ASC Fribourg (UniFri): Students from Fribourg are currently affiliated with ASC BE.
- ASC Graubünden (FH GR)
- ASC Neuchatel (Uni Neuchatel)
- ASC Lausanne (Uni Lausanne and EPFL)
- ASC Geneve (Uni of Geneva)
- ASC Ticino (Università della Svizzera italiana)

Surf Instruktor
(Wave surfing and Bungeesurfing)

You have completed the ISA Level 1, or you are a bungeesurf pro with SLRG training and are looking for a job as an instructor in camps, training camps, courses or other projects? Get in touch!

Session Master

You have been bungee surfing with us for a while and would like to initiate sessions yourself? Get in touch! We have developed a Lifesaver course specifically for bungee surfing to maintain our safety standards at the highest level. 

Surfskate Instruktor

Surfskating is one of your passions? We have recently started offering surfskate sessions and could use some reinforcements!