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Straight out of Winterthur, Dead Bird Inc. brings you the gnarliest foamboards for your next surf adventure. The boards can be fully recycled and come in 3 shapes to cover all styles of surfing and conditions. What a dream!

15% on all surf gear

What started as a skateboard manufacturer for slalom boards in Herrliberg is now an internationally known surf brand.
From SUP to foil to surf, Indiana has the right board for you - even inflatable ones!

15% on everything

You dream of building a wooden surfboard from scratch? Urs will guide you through all necessary steps in his workshop up in mountainous Laax. Also skis, snowboards, and many other kinds of boards can be built.

15% on all courses

Rusty is one of the big names in surfing, known for quality and innovation ever since its foundation in 1985. This is your chance to get a top-notch performance board tailored to your needs. Group orders twice a year.

15% on all boards


Looking for a wetsuit to stay warm in cold waters? SRFACE offers a wide range of wetsuits for every need: from shorties for the summer to 5mm for the winter. SRFACE is also a leading brand in eco-friendly wetsuit materials, such as Yulex!

10% on all products

Sebastian and Anna founded SIEVE to fight plastic pollution in our oceans. They started by making recycled fins from hand-collected trash from Danish beaches and now produce them on a larger scale from industrial waste.

20% on all products

Training & Exercise

Päsce and Phil bring the surf vibes to your home with their balance boards. Their system uses a ball instead of a roll to simulate the feeling on water and is made entirely in Switzerland! 

15% on all products

Crazy Dude is the main Swiss reseller of Slide surfskates, the brand trusted by pros and enthusiasts alike. ASC-members get the fabled skateboards at a very student-friendly price.

20% on all Slide products

Through years of testing Bungeemonkey has developed the ultimate ropes for bungeesurfing. Their webshop has everything you need to turn your local river into a surf spot.

20% on all products

Royal Ropes started when a few guys surfed an old door that washed up on the shores of the Aare river. Today, the founders sell quality bungeesurfing gear so you don't need to start from scratch.

20% on ropes, 
15% on starter-sets

Fashion & Design

Gilles' sleek logo designs with surfing skeletons have become a common sight in Switzerland and beyond. He prints them on shirts too, but you gotta be fast to get one!

20% on all apparel

Two creative minds from Zurich, Carole and Gian print and embroider their gorgeous designs on fair trade shirts and caps. Exactly the kind of stuff you wanna be wearing on your next surf trip!

20% on all apparel

This young label aims to combine artworks with comfortable clothing from fair production. What sounds impossible was achieved by Lean, who recently started pursuing his fashion dream.

15% on all apparel


Your one-stop shop for everything surfing around Zurich: boards, fins, neoprene, and even fashion. Expect to get proper advice from seasoned surfers taking their time to find the right board for you.

10% on everything in-store except surfboards

This local shop has served customers from Bern and beyond with individual advice ever since 1998! Summer or winter, for sale or simply for rent, Tip to Tail has the right board for you.

10% on everything in-store


Do you long for the ultimate freedom on a surf trip and sleep in a van right in front of the waves?  Based near Santander, Salty Campers allows you to explore the wave-filled Spanish coast in a classic VW T3.

20% during the off-seaon
(Mar-Jun & Oct-Nov)

Join this young Swiss online bank to benefit from automatic climate compensation, free international payments, and to support our club!

  • 15.- for you
  • free Mastercard (10.- value)
  • 1 year of neon green (60.-)
  • 20.- for the club to improve our offer to you

Never enter the water without the proper energy level! SuddenRush gets you pumping with their organic energy shots made from natural Guarana-Coffeine.

10% on all displays (24 shots)

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