Click here to continue to the Riderzone. Here participants will find all relevant updates and information. You can also modify your booking, cancel it, ask questions or take other actions concerning your campsite. 

Booking request

What language is spoken at the camp?
Since we want to bring together all Universitys of Switzerland, the main language at the camp is English. But we also speak German and French.

How does the booking work exactly?
It's very simple: You go to the button above and fill out the booking request. We will then receive your request for a place in the camp. We will check your request within 48 hours (but usually faster) and if there is still space in the camp, we will confirm it. In the best case you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice pretty soon after submitting your booking request.
If there is no more space, you will be put on the waiting list. From there we will contact you when there is space again and ask if you still want to come.

Jetzt sollte ich bereits Ende November buchen obwohl es bis zum Event noch so lange ist? Was ist wenn ich einen Platz bekomme aber dann doch nicht mitkommen kann?
We have deliberately set the date for both camp weeks to the last weeks of the semester break, since most people are finished with their internships etc. then. The chance that you will not be able to attend the camp is therefore extremely small. If you enroll and then the worst case happens, we will replace you with a person from the waiting list upon your request. Of course we can't promise anything but so far this has worked without any problems - even up to one week before the event. The waiting list is usually quite full until the camp. Cancellation is very easy: We have a new "Rider Zone". There you will find the cancellation option. Just fill out the form and we will take care of the rest.