Swiss Universities Championship (SUC) Surfing
Results 2022:

Swiss Universities Championship (SUC) Surfing 2022

Mariella Machaczek and Philip Mappes are the winners of the Swiss Universities Championship in Surfing 2022.
20 students from 13 universities and colleges competed against each other from 9 to 15 October in Loredo, Spain. The competition took place as part of the Swiss Surfing Championships, with around 80 Swiss surfers taking part.  We look back on a week full of surf action, good waves and surfing at a high level.

In the week from 9 to 15 October, the Swiss Surfing Championship took place in Loredo, Spain for the 25th time. This year, the Swiss Universities Championship was also a new event, which took place at the sea for the first time. 20 students from 13 universities and colleges competed against each other in the waves. Mariella Machaczek and Philip Mappes came out on top, winning the Students Women and Students Men categories.

The conditions on site proved to be challenging. The first heats were surfed on Monday in rather moderate conditions. On Tuesday Neptune sent the big breakers into the bay of Santander and in best conditions as much surfing as possible was done from dawn till sunset. In most categories, only the finals remained, which then took place on Friday after two break days. The waves in the finals were again rather small, which was a challenge for the athletes. But all this did not dampen the great atmosphere on the beach. The results, some of which were open until the last second, increased the tension immeasurably and the enthusiastic audience cheered the athletes as they came out of the water under the Cantabrian sun.


We have already been able to agree with Swiss Surfing that SUC Surfing 23 can take place again in the same framework. This increases our planning security and we can hopefully avoid last-minute changes like this year. We are aiming for 12 participants next year so that the female athletes are more strongly represented. So don't hesitate to send your surfers to the race!

We from the Academic Surfclub have the opportunity to organize and host this event with our partners, the Swiss Surf Association (SSA) and Swiss University Sports.

Laura Wülfroth
Yannis Hotz
Yannick Kaufmann