Subsidized (Alaia and universities) student sessions SUC (30.09.2021) for CHF 75.-

How it works:
1. You buy your voucher here.
2. As soon as your payment has arrived you will receive the voucher from us. Please give us a couple of days to process the payment
3. Once you have received your voucher, you can book your session on

- The vouchers for 75.- are only valid on the day of the event (30.9.2021). We will not refund your voucher if you do not use it. 
- You must have a valid student ID on the day of the event.
- Only two vouchers can be purchased per person.
- The payment must reach our bank account within two working days. We do not send invoices or payment reminders. If your payment does not arrive within two working days after the order, your order will be canceled without comment.