Bungeesurf courses

This year we start our successful course series for the third time! This is a collaboration of the traditional bungee rope manufacturer "Royal Ropes", the "Academic Surfclub" and the Bernese surfboard shaper "Yard Surfboards". In our beginner courses our Pro's teach you within four hours how to glide over the river! Our courses have an extremely high safety standard. The concepts have been developed by trained SLRG lifeguards and pro surfers. The courses are held in German. Our instructors also speak English an French. 

Course times summer: 08:00 - 12:00
Course times autumn: 09:00 - 13:00

Meeting Point:

In our courses, each participant receives his personal life jacket. We also make sure that there are enough surfboards available. If you want to bring your own surfboard, you are of course welcome to do so. We recommend that participants wear a wetsuit (even in summer). You can organize this yourself or rent it from the Academic Surfclub. You should also bring a snack with you. Bungee surfing, like any water sport activity, involves risks. Despite high safety standards, we assume a good swimming ability and physical condition. Participation in the course is from the age of 18. Persons over 16 must bring a letter of consent from a parent.

Photos will be taken during the course. These will be made available to the participants free of charge.


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Our instructors 


Dominik has been surfing on the Aare for a good 10 years and is co-founder of Royal Ropes GmbH. Since a trip through Brazil he has become an avid kitesurfer, in which he now practices regularly at home and abroad. He is currently studying civil engineering in his last master's semester at ETH Zurich.


Tim is a surf instructor at Alaia Bay, our surf camps and courses. He is currently finishing his business studies at the University of St. Gallen. He is also Head of Sports at the Academic Surfclub Switzerland. In this function and through his training as a lifeguard (SLRG) he is significantly involved in the development of safety concepts and internal regulations. 


Julian is the founder of Yard Surfboards and teaches as a high school teacher. He has been shaping surfboards in his workshop for years. He not only knows surfing, he also knows exactly which boards you need for bungee surfing. 


Phil is studying architecture in the Master at ETHZ and is co-founder of Royal Ropes GmbH. Since the beginning of high school you can meet him on the Aare around Bern, often together with Thierry and Luc. As a surf coach for many years, he has a trained eye for the movements of surfing and likes to share his tips.


Thierry studies law at the University of Bern and is co-founder and managing director of Royal Ropes GmbH. For countless years and whenever possible he surfs on the Aare and on regular trips also in the sea. Thereby he always tries to refine his skills. Skills that he recently passed on as a surf instructor in Ecuador and again and again in our courses to surf beginners.


Adrian studies law, is the founder of the Academic Surfclub and leads the camp projects. He is a longtime surfer and has also been on the river for quite some time. He is also a trained lifeguard (SLRG) and also significantly involved in the development of internal concepts. 


Severin has been surfing regularly on the Aare for 5 years. He is a trained sports teacher, lifeguard (SLRG) and is now studying social work part-time. As a good friend of Julian, he is involved in various projects of Yard Surfboards.


Luc is co-founder of Royal Ropes GmbH and a longtime surfer.